European Center for Pharmceutical Medicine (ECPM) Lectures

On two occasions, our Managing Director Dr Mark Eccleston, was invited by the ECPM to present lectures at the events ‘Elderly in Future Pharmacotherapy’ and ‘Biomarkers in Drug Development’. These lectures were presented as part of the European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine, Frontiers in Drug Development lecture series in Basel, Switzerland.


ECPM offers one day seminars on current topics, new trends and developments in drug development science. These seminars provide the opportunity to integrate work and further education, to discuss with experts face-to-face and to build an international network. They take place back-to-back to the ECPM modules and build a compulsory part of the ECPM course. Additionally, they are open to our alumni and other interested scientists.


Mark’s first lecture explored ‘Epigenetics’ and gave an introduction to epigenetic pathways, their impact on disease and ageing, and an overview of diagnostic/therapeutic approaches in the clinic and under development.


The second lecture titled, ‘Designs for Cancer Biomarker Validation’, introduced biomarkers and their benefits, before examining the role of biomarkers in drug development, and giving an overview of their discovery and validation. 


For more information on the ECPM lecture series see here

SMi Masterclass on Epigenetic Profilling

Dr Mark Eccleston, our Managing Director, led a SMI masterclass exploring the application of epigenetic profiling technology in pharmaceutical development. The SMi specialises in business to business conference, workshops, masterclasses and training.


More specifically, the OncoLytika led masterclass looked at the background to epigenetics and its study in oncology and regenerative medicine. This was followed by an exploration in to DNA methylation patterning, regulation, chromatin modelling and the landscape of future profiling technologies.


Epigenetics is the study of the regulation of gene expressing through non-sequence based factors. It is what links our primary gene sequencing to our environment allowing for different gene expression, environmental gene modulation, reversible expression and provision of certain inheritable traits.


For more information see here. 

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