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International Day of Women and Girls in Science - 11th February

10 Feb 2017

Whilst born in the age of science, many young women struggle to become engaged or find the right path into the sector. For a long time, gender inequality has remained the greatest challenge and as a result the UN sponsored an annual international day for women in science. However, the day is not just about highlighted the gender imbalance in the industry but celebrating the achievements of women who have made outstanding contributions.


Speaking about the annual event, Princess Dr Nisreen El-Hashemite Executive Director of RASIT, stated that,

"Women in Science talents, perspectives, work methods and skills could be recognized worldwide on such a day for wide impact. Promotion of education for women in science and for their entry into scientific careers will also serve to build inclusive institutional climates within all countries, and allow policies and procedures to be crafted for gender equality, leadership training, and mentoring."


At OncoLytika, we are celebrating  International Day of Women and Girls in Science by championing the the career of our Operations Manager, Annette Williams, who has been a woman in science for over 15 years. Following the completion of her honours degree in Chemistry, she worked in labs for a prominent local plant science company before starting her 12 year long career with the University of Cambridge in their Chemical Engineering Department.  


We strongly believe having more women in science will allow for a greater capacity of research, development and teaching, and we are proud to support the campaign. For more information on the day see here.

World Cancer Day – #WeCanICan

7 Feb 2017

This year we supported world cancer day by launching an online campaign via our Twitter and LinkedIn pages. The aim was to raise awareness of the great things that World Cancer Day can achieve.


This year, the World Cancer Day campaign wanted to highlighted the powers of sport and exercise in preventing cancer. Living a balanced and healthy life is an extremely important factor in the prevent of the disease. As a result, our team got involved with #WeCanICan by posting pictures of engaging in sport, thus being aware of its fantastic benefits.


For more information on the campaign see here. And don't forget to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn

Dr Mark Eccleston presents talk on advanced biologics at the 5th EHDA Network Meeting

6 Feb 2017

On Friday OncoLytika joined their EHDA Network partners for the 5th meeting hosted by the University of Sunderland, at the city’s National Glass Centre.


The meeting proved a great opportunity for the hosts to update the network on the work they are undertaking in the field of pharmaceutical EHDA technology. Followed were presentations from key network partners on their respective organisations and personal careers in the industry.


Our Managing Director, Dr Mark Eccleston presented a talk on advanced biologics to the network as well as his professional career in the sector. Aside Mark’s presentation, were talks from Prof. Geoff Smith from The School of Pharmacy at DMU, and Simon Roberts from Ashland Specialist Ingredients.


For more information on the EHDA Network see here.

Help us support World Cancer Day – 4th February

31 Jan 2017

This February we are supporting World Cancer Day by using our new social media platform to run an awareness campaign. Here at OncoLytika we want to use our industry position and expertise to help spread awareness of World Cancer Day and the amazing things it aims to achieve. With the numbers of new cancer cases and deaths increasing at a staggering rate it is more important than ever to support the industry to makes the waves necessary to fight cancer.


We will be using a social media platform to engage with the campaign by spreading the word. This year World Cancer Day are emphasising the fundamental importance of exercise and sport for our health. With regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle, we can all reduce our risk of getting cancer.


As a result, our team is getting involved with the World Cancer Day #WeCanICan campaign by supporting through sport. Members of our team will be engaging with sport - no matter if it is something they do every day or whether they want to get involved for the first time. By taking photos of our team supporting through sport we hope to raise awareness of the aims of World Cancer Day on the 4th February. Follow us on Twitter at @Oncolytika to see our awareness campaign.


For more information on World Cancer Day check their website here

OncoLytika is on Twitter!

24 Jan 2017

We are pleased to announce that we have made our first leap onto social media. We want to use the opportunity to engage with a larger and more diverse range of people. Through the use of Twitter we can give regular and short updates on our business, allowing more people to see what we offer.


However, engagement on Twitter is two-way. We will be able to access the most current information from the science and technology industry, ranging from research activities and opportunities to conferences and events. Therefore, Twitter offers a fantastic opportunity not only for our business but our clients and partners.


Follow us at @OncoLytika.

Big Things are Coming!

17 Jan 2017

OncoLytika have kicked off the New Year with a new website – we want to provide you with more and updated information from across our business.


“Innovation is our passion”, and at the heart of innovation is change and adaptation. We want to extend this beyond our services – to our communication and marketing strategy. This is why OncoLytika have started with 2017 with our new look website which will provide you with a much-improved user experience.


Furthermore, we want to ensure that people have more information regarding our services, our current projects and the business’ latest news updates. We have expanded what each of our services include, and the kind of service you can expect from us. If you check out our Projects page you will also see what we are currently working on and examples of our services in action. Moreover, in the last 18 months, the business has been through some changes – including a growing team. As you will see our staff profiles have also been updated, which allows visitors to our website to get to know much more about the people that make OncoLytika a successful company.   For more information on our team check out our About Us page.


But we do not want to stop there! We have new projects in the pipeline and exciting announcements to make in the next few weeks. Be sure to check back soon for the latest OncoLytika updates. 

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